3rd January 2019

Our Services


Do you suffer with slow Wi-Fi, “not spots” around your home, or unreliable connections which keep dropping? Do you have a series of Wi-Fi extenders, all with their own name and password, which you must choose between depending on where you are in the house? If so, I can provide a reliable and fast whole home Wi-Fi system. In the case of a larger home, multiple Wi-Fi base stations can be installed which all share the same name and password, and your devices will “roam” seamlessly between them depending on where you are in the house. Unlike buying a consumer-grade “whole home Wi-Fi” system on the Internet, I supply and install only professional grade equipment, which offers much better reliability. Best of all, I see the entire process through, from an initial free survey at your home, through to a completely installed and working system. 

Broadband Optimisation and Fault Diagnosis: 

I offer a comprehensive broadband optimisation service, more details can be found on this page.

Wiring Services: 

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of telephone cabling in your home? Most of it is probably redundant and could be removed. Do you require new telephone extensions? If so, I offer a cable tidy up service, and am able to install new extensions, including to outbuildings. I can also wire in new telephone bells, both internally and externally, so you’ll never miss a call again. In addition to this, I can install broadband extensions so that you can locate your router anywhere in your home without compromising speed, and even run cables from your router to fixed Internet equipment such as PCs, resulting in higher speeds than when using Wi-Fi. 

Community Internet Projects: 

Do you live in a remote area where broadband speeds are somewhere between diabolical and non-existent? If so, one solution is to pool resources with neighbours to purchase a high-speed fibre optic internet line and the necessary distribution equipment. Carrying out such a project is a service I can provide, from initial scoping and surveys through to a fully working system. Get in touch for more information. 

Other Services: 

In addition to the above, I also offer a broadband set-up service, as well as CCTV installation. If your problem involves anything telephone, internet or data related, I can offer a solution, so get in touch today!