3rd January 2019

Slow Internet?

Do you suffer with slow internet? Did you know that your broadband speed can be affected due to many different reasons? 

To start, there is only a limited amount of bandwidth available to ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to sell to the customer. Because of this, although your connection may be advertised as “up to 24mbps” that 24mbps is not dedicated to you. A certain amount of bandwidth is shared with many people with the assumption that not everyone will need all their bandwidth at once. This is called the contention ratio. Some ISPs have higher contention ratios than others, and I can recommend providers which offer a low ratio in order to speed things up. Your ISP may also be limiting the bandwidth available to you if you are a heavy downloader. 

Also, your internal telephone wiring can significantly reduce the performance of your broadband. I can optimise your house’s telephone wiring for the best broadband speeds possible by means of isolating extensions, feeding the broadband from the master socket, and fitting a central main filter which also eliminates the need for those annoying micro filters on every extension. 

Sometimes the problem lies with the network outside your house. Although such faults are covered free of charge by Openreach, if when called out they determine the problem to be in your property, they will charge you substantially. I can give detailed reports of your internal wiring which can be used as evidence that the fault is not down to you. Even if the fault lies on your premises, my repair rates are substantially lower than Openreach’s! 

The above paragraphs highlight how diverse problems with your internet can be. As an ex-BT engineer, I have the skills and experience to diagnose and repair internet related issues. Get in touch today to find out more.