6th January 2019

Our Services

Broadband Optimization
Your internal wiring can have a big impact on the speed of your broadband, a full property check of your internal wiring of anything that may make your connection slower, a speedtest on specialist testing equipment will be taken before and after to see results . 

Internal Fault Diagnosis

If you have problems such as a noisy line, phones not ringing, no dial tone, slow broadband speed – a diagnosis service is available to prove whether the fault is on your property or an external fault. A service provider will hit you with a hefty bill if the fault is proved to be in your property. 

General Rewire And Tidy Up
Do you have more wires than you need?, having trouble identifying what is what? need to minimise the wiring you have around your house or business? Book a rewire to tidy everything up.

Telephone Extension
Additional analogue telephone extensions to be run either internally or externally around your property. You may need a socket for sky in the bedroom, a socket for your business phone in your home office, a socket for a PDQ machine in your shop, a an extra extension on your business system whatever your request I will deliver for a reasonable price.

WiFi extended
Do you have any weak spots on your wifi connection around the home or business? I can extend or move existing wireless router or add additional access points. There are many solutions for weak wifi problems.

Broadband Extension
If your master socket is located downstairs and your main computer and hub is upstairs, a broadband extension can be run so that there is minimal loss to speed.

External extension
If you need an extension to an out building, barn or garage cabling can be done overhead or underground.
Data Extension
If you need 2 or more computers to run of the same shared connection or networked, although the same can be achieved with wireless, Ethernet is faster, more secure and more problem free.

Extra Bell
An extra bell can fitted to your phone line internally or externally to avoid missing those important calls.

Broadband Connection Setup
I can setup a computer and connect router to the phone line to receive broadband.

Extension connection
Do you have sockets around your house that do not work, they may have never been connected or there may be a problem , I can sort this out for you.
Satellite Broadband
I currently carry out Satellite broadband installations and faults, if you have a dish that has gone out of sync or require moving or tweaking for the best possible signal. I can also do this for normal smaller dishes., so if you require a revamp of the cables on your property why call out 2 separate engineers when I can do both.