24th February 2019

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Do you suffer with slow Wi-Fi, “not spots” around your business premises, or unreliable connections which keep dropping? Do you have a series of Wi-Fi extenders, all with their own name and password, which you must choose between depending on where you are? If so, we can provide a reliable and fast mesh Wi-Fi system. Multiple Wi-Fi base stations can be installed around your business which all share the same name and password, and your devices will “roam” seamlessly between them depending on where you are. We supply and install professional grade equipment, which offers excellent reliability, low total cost of ownership, and excellent return on investment. Best of all, we see the entire process through, from an initial free survey at the business premises, through to a completely installed and working system. 

Data Cabling: 

We can supply and install data cabling solutions, from copper cabling for endpoints through to fibre optic building backbones. Being telephone engineers and not electricians, we understand the importance of correctly installing copper data cabling, for example by adhering to minimum bend radiuses and separation from other electrical services, i.e. correct standards. This means we can install systems which support a higher throughput and suffer from less interference than our rivals. We only use Excel cabling which means we are able to offer 25 year warranty on the cable. We have also invested heavily in tools which allow us to install bespoke fibre optic cabling in your premises. Fibre optic cabling is faster, less susceptible to noise, and supports longer distances than traditional copper solutions, and we rigorously test every circuit installed and provide a light loss test certificate. All this means that you can be confident that you’re getting the most from your investment. We are also able to tidy up existing comms and data cabinets and install new ones where necessary. We provide a complete service, so why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements? 

Phone Systems 

Are you fed up with paying extortionate rates for your business phone calls? Tired of having to invest in expensive, niche hardware which supports your legacy analogue phone system? We can design, supply and commission a digital VoIP based phone system which will enable you to drastically reduce your bills and also allow you to source commodity-priced hardware from a variety of manufacturers. VoIP systems are much more scalable than analogue systems, growing with your business much more easily and with minimal investment. All that said, We are also able to support analogue systems including those manufactured by NEC.

Networking Solutions:

We supply and install switches, gateways, modems and other managed network devices. We have multiple partners in the industry which have a wealth of experience in helping your business create a hassle free managed network.

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