6th January 2019

Slow Internet?

Your Broadband speed can be effected in various ways –

There is finite bandwidths available to ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) to sell to the consumer. Your current ISP maybe throttling your line for various reasons – You maybe a high downloader and your line is throttled to make way for other users, The contention ratio may be very high from your ISP .

The wiring in your property can significantly effect the performance of Broadband. The number and length of telephone extensions run off your master point can strain the line and make the line appear a lot longer than it actually is therefore giving you a slower connection.

Fortunately there are solutions to every problem!

I can make a reading on your line with specialist equipment to gauge the possible speeds attainable, this can be then presented to you as a file that can be used as ‘evidence’ to push your ISP to provide you with the speeds your line is capable of.

I can also optimise the layout and configuration of your in property wiring so that it is setup for optimum broadband speeds. This is done by isolating extensions and feeding Broadband to router off a central main filter which also eliminates the need for extra filters.

I can recommend a local service provider that offers low contention ratio packages for a faster and better quality service, the company also offers satellite broadband and installation costs are currently paid for by the Welsh Assembly with a grant if you fall in a ‘not spot’ . Please click here for more details.

The problem sometimes lies within the outside network – This is covered by Openreach free of charge. I can perform a healthcheck on your internal wiring to make sure everything is upto scratch. I can also give detailled reports on the condition of your line as it enters the property. If the fault is deemed to be in your property when openreach visit you may be charged substantially.

The results can be quite effective, please see case studies below.

NameAreaSpeeds prior to visitSpeed attainable after visitWork completed

Craig Harding

Canton, Cardiff

0.2 meg

2.9 meg
Internal wiring fault cleared & optimisation – Bell wire filter and log sheet submitted to ISP


Cyncoed, Cardiff

0.3 meg

1.5 meg
Wiring optimisation – NTE 2000 fitted to isolate internal wiring. Log sheet given to customer to submit to ISP

Spencer Fox

Oakdale, Blackwood

1.4 meg

2.7 meg
Wiring optimisation – NTE 2000 fitted to isolate internal wiring. Ethernet extension fitted for more reliable service.

Dawn Brinkworth

Nash, Newport

0.44 meg

0.88 meg
Wiring optimisation – NTE 2000 fitted to isolate internal wiring . Log sheet given to customer to submit to ISP

Elizabeth Williams


1.6 meg

6 meg
Internal Fault cleared and wiring optimization with NTE 2000

Mr Williams


2.1 meg

3.6 meg
Internal fault cleared, Bell wire filtered.

Bob Ash


0.3 meg

7 meg
Isolated extensions, migrated customer to PCQ ISP as problems with existing ISP throttling line

ALO Phillips


4.1 meg

8 meg
Isolated extensions, extended ethernet

Please call today for a quote, all work is guaranteed for  12 months and I will always offer free advice over the phone.